A New 9/11 Clue

August 28, 2008


‘Recently, an email drifted in about an article I wrote, What were the Mossad with fraudulent New Zealand Passports doing in Iraq? The writer said, “I’ve known about this for some time — that the Mossad was involved in murdering our troops in a variety of methods to keep them there so we could ‘finish’ the job by destroying Syria and Iran. For years now I’ve suspected and now know for sure the Mossad had a lot to do with the 9/11 attack on the WTC. The attached mp3 is a recording of NYPD radio transmissions on 9/11. Listen from the 3-minute mark almost to the end. This was never reported in the media.”’



Futuretalk: another conversation with David Wilcock

August 26, 2008
Los Angeles, March 2008

How the media manipulates through NLP and other techniques


Saturday, 23 August 2008
Arch Zionist Joe Biden is Obama running mate
Here is a puke-making interview with Biden who, with ‘I love Israel’ Obama, will be (at least officially) deciding US foreign policy in the Middle East if they get to the White House. No bias there, then.


“Liberal” Re-Create 68 Group: Neo-Con Malkin A “True Patriot”


Paul Joseph Watson | Phony anarchist group calls Alex Jones “agent provocateur” and a racist during confrontation.


Alex Jones Confronts Michelle Malkin at the DNC


Kurt Nimmo | Michelle Malkin, internment camp apologist and neocon warmonger, is chased back to her hotel by the truth.


Will Authorities Stage Riots In Denver?


Paul Joseph Watson | Protesters need to be wary about history of authorities using agent provocateurs to demonize legitimate demonstrators and justify violence.


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Another after-dinner conversation with David Wilcock, Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy… this time on the topic of how conscious awareness and intention can affect future outcomes.

To contact Bill Ryan or Kerry Cassidy, please e-mail us at support@projectcamelot.org.

Evil Pope

August 21, 2008


Proof the Pope is EVIL…….

Islam . ID CARDS. Little Ice Age.

August 20, 2008
Incredulous UN Bans Criticism of Islam
‘The Human Rights Council at the United Nations has now banned any criticism regarding Sharia Law and human rights in the Islamic World According to President Doru Romulus Costea – and following the efforts of delegates from Egypt, Pakistan and Iran – the Council will no longer tolerate criticism of either Sharia or specific fatwas in the name of human rights.’
‘Demonstrations are not illegal in China, but they require advance government approval, a prospect that often dissuades citizens, daunted by excessive bureaucracy or potential retaliation. Posters and slogans must be submitted to the police, and each participant must apply in person. Any rally deemed a threat to “social stability and public order” can be denied permission, and most are.’
And as David Icke has said many times, China is the blueprint for the global society of the ‘New World Order’.
 ID card ‘propaganda’ backfires as students revolt
‘Trust Britain’s youth to be characteristically ungrateful. The Government goes to all the effort of making a website for 16 to 25- year-olds to express their views on identity cards, and all they get in return is a solid mixture of scorn, sneering and scepticism smattered across their fancy new forums. In a bid to get the country’s youngsters on board the controversial scheme, the Home Office has launched MyLifeMyId.org, where 16 to 25 year olds “can have their say about identity issues in the UK”.
There’s hope yet.
Scientist Predicts ‘Little Ice Age’ Within 10 Years
‘As evidence builds of the earth entering a dramatic cooling trend, another scientist has gone public with his conviction that we are about to enter a new ice age, rendering warnings about global warming fraudulent and irrelevant. Victor Manuel Velasco Herrera of the Institute of Geophysics at the University of Mexico states that “In about ten years the Earth will enter a “little ice age” which will last from 60 to 80 years and may be caused by the decrease in solar activity,” according to a report in the major Mexican newspaper Milenio Diario.’
Arctic Ice Grows 30 Per Cent In a Year
‘Alarmist scientists who predicted that the North Pole could be “ice free” this summer as a result of global warming have been embarrassed after it was revealed that Arctic ice has actually grown by around 30 per cent in the year since August 2007.’

Alex Jones & Paul Watson — “Internet 2 = Censorship” 1of5

August 13, 2008

Alex talks about corporate and government regulation/censorship of the Internet, and on how Internet 2 is planned to be a restrictive instrument for social control.
He also launches a contest for the creation of articles and videos documenting web censorship, prizes being paid in USD.

Ron Paul on Alex Jones Tv_8/04/08:”Internet Censorship

August 13, 2008



Jewish Parents …. Just a little Racist.

August 11, 2008
Jewish Girl Prank Calls Her Parents
‘A Jewish girl away from home at college prank calls her parents and tells them she started dating an Italian guy. The father threatens to kill the guy and the mother’s comments are priceless.’
Isn’t it incredible that those who cry ‘racism’ so often with regard to themselves never look in the mirror and see their own staggering levels of racism?
Excuse me, I think I’m going to be sick.