Articles – The ‘Big Brother’ By-election Is Beginning To Stink,

David Icke blows away 400 people at a Free Public Meeting on Sunday, July 6th By Mo
Believe him or not David Icke is one of very few people who can hold an audience in the palm of his hand for many hours, well beyond the one and a half hours reported on the internet.

His three and a half hour talk enthralled the audience with revelations beyond the scheming Big Brother drones in the Tory and Labour parties to the fact that Neocons’ behind the Big Brother State are supporting David Davis in his ‘opposition’ to the Big Brother State.

I am not about to go through David Ickes theories, best you check them yourselves (you should buy the book The David Icke Guide to Global Conspiracy and how to end it).

What I will quote from David Ickes talk is “When each one of us stops acting based on what is right for us as individuals and begins to act based on what is RIGHT and JUST for all beings on this planet, the tide will turn and Big Brother will be no more”.


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