Gordon Brown Adviser Says FUCK the ‘Rest of the Country

March 3, 2009

Gordon Brown Adviser Says ‘City’ All-important – and ‘Rest of the Country Can be Turned Over to Tourism’

‘A report on defence spending quotes the “influential” official as telling union officials that manufacturing had “no value” but the financial sector had to be “supported at all costs”. “Only high-quality professional services, financial services and the City of London have any real value and they should be supported at all costs. The rest of the country can be turned over to tourism”.’

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The Secret Government

A small number of extremely wealthy people, descendants of wealthy families in Europe and the U.S, own a major part of the material wealth of the world. This power is concentrated in London which is the centre of the world banking system. The control they exercise is kept within the original families and passed down from generation to generation. They are highly organised, operating in secret through a web of ‘private’ organisations.’

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The truth behind Japanese dolphin shows
These are the consequences for the dolphins
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Monday, 02 March 2009
Credo Mutwa getting death threats over Obama poem

My great friend Credo Mutwa, the famed Zulu shaman in South Africa, tells me that he is receiving threats to his life from around the world over the poem posted on this Website, which he wrote ‘from spirit’ after seeing Barack Obama speaking on television.

It is one thing to be totally scammed by the ludicrous Obama hype, but quite another to make threats to people for the crime of having an opinion that is different from yours. But, then, I guess, naivety and idiocy do often go together.

For those who haven’t seen the poem, here it is. Please circulate far and wide:

An actor walks upon the floodlit stage of life

wearing a mask of an angel beneath a demon’s gown.

Pretence smiles upon the crowded hall of life

holding out hope as bright as it is false.

Son of a woman in whose veins flows the blood

of ancient Ireland and dark Africa’s plains.

You are Obama, nick-named the standing king

You are Barack, oh, son born to deceive

The suffering hoards of Africa look up to you,

See a black saviour where nought but a Judas strides.

An entrapper of nations, bringer of dismal war

Behind the robes and the nylon wings of hope

Oh, may those who look upon you, see you as you are.

May those who hope in you behold you as you be

A prince deceitful to bring down Africa’s shrines

A siren who leads Africa’s ships onto rocks of obliteration.

Your rule my lord will not be one of peace

Your reign my king will not be one of smiles

Even as we speak in caves both dark and dank

Enraged fanatics plot your dark demise

They will put around your head a bloodwet martyr’s crown.

Oh black Kennedy following the one before

May God forgive thee and thy fiery spouse

As you walk in silence from the stage of life

Barack Obama, blessed son, Oh standing king.

Follow your conscience, Follow Your Conscious Mind.

January 21, 2009

Obama-Lies, Which Obama Did You Vote For?

Spot The Difference


The Difference? – 70 years. Stop Following Leaders, Follow yourself, Follow your conscience, Follow Your Conscious Mind. www.consciousmindevents.com

‘The Treasury has formally announced a scheme to allow banks to exchange cash or shares for a Government guarantee on their “toxic” debts, transferring any losses they suffer from the banks to the taxpayer. However, the Chancellor admitted he can’t estimate how much taxpayers’ money will be needed in the latest bailout.“We’re doing it, because if the banking system collapsed, every single one of us, the economy would come down with it. I don’t think anyone would argue you ought to let that happen,” he said.’For other news and infomation visit.


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‘President-elect Barack Obama’s nominee for attorney general has endorsed an extension of the law that allows federal agents to demand Americans’ library and bookstore records as part of terrorism probes, dismaying a national group of independent booksellers.’

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NASA UFO Fraud Might Save Gary McKinnon

‘Evidence that U.S. space agency NASA has defrauded U.S. taxpayers for billions of dollars could scrap NASA’s case against UK hacker Gary McKinnon. Credible witnesses have claimed that NASA has altered or destroyed its photos containing images of UFOs. This could become a legal and public relations nightmare for NASA.’

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Scottish Police Want An End To Trial By Jury‘Scotland’s senior police officers have told ministers the automatic right to trial by jury for the most serious crimes should be abolished. The Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland (Acpos) said juries should remain the general rule in criminal trials, but in long and complex cases “a jury may be disposed of … with such trials proceeding in another manner”.Options include a single judge sitting alone or a panel of judges. Acpos also said ministers should be consulted on which trials are run without a jury – a fundamental break from the current system, where the Crown Office decides how to prosecute cases independently of politicians.’Read more…

The Banking Crises Explained…….

January 10, 2009

Central Banking Conspiracy I

From the American Revolution and colonial script to the take over of American Banking interests by a global powerful elite of bankers and power brokers -central banking conspiracy video on the takeover of currency from nations by private individuals for profit. JFK warning rfid chip buy sell mark of the beast corporation fiat debt money currency usa federal reserve credit cash – from – http://zeitgeistmovie.com/

For more interesting video interviews visit www.consciousmindevents.com

Obama The Shocking Thruth.

December 19, 2008

I found this article written by David Icke, I personal think this is important enough to place on our blog, make you own mind up.




Interview with visionary Artist Neil HAGUE COMING SOON…






Soviet Cosmonauts Conceal Truth About UFOs

December 8, 2008

Soviet Cosmonauts Conceal Truth About UFOs

‘The UFO phenomenon never existed in the former USSR, at least in the official records. There were numerous stories about unidentified flying objects which could be heard from susceptible individuals, but Soviet cosmonauts never said anything on the subject, although they had a lot to share.’

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How We Can Smell Fear… And Why It’s Catching

‘Everyone knows that an infectious giggle can spread through a room in an instant. But scientists say that fear might be catching too – and that’s no laughing matter. Research has shown that the sweat we produce when we are scared gives off signals that are subconsciously picked up by others. Their experiments might explain why even those who normally fly with confidence, sometimes experience the occasional pang of doubt for no reason’

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Berlusconi Plans to Use G8 Presidency to ‘Regulate the Internet’

‘Italian president and media baron Silvio Berlusconi said today that he would use his country’s imminent presidency of the G8 group to push for an international agreement to “regulate the internet”. Speaking to Italian postal workers, Reuters reports Berlusconi said: “The G8 has as its task the regulation of financial markets… I think the next G8 can bring to the table a proposal for a regulation of the internet.”

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Smoking gun! Rockefeller Official Revealed NWO Plot in 1969

‘Our political and cultural “leaders” are accomplices in a plot to re-engineer humanity to serve the Judeo-Masonic central banking cartel. Wars, “terrorism,” depressions, political and social change, entertainment and fads are all contrived to gradually bring about an Orwellian police state.  Many people have said this but last week, I learned of another “smoking gun.”  

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McCain Predicts India-Pakistan War

Defeated US Presidential Candidate John McCain says India will attack Pakistan if it fails to act against those involved in the Mumbai raids. McCain, who is on a two-day visit to Pakistan, outspokenly told a group of reporters in Pakistan’s Lahore that Indian Premier Manmohan Singh was visibly angry about the killings and damage to property in the Mumbai terrorist attacks.’ Read more…

want to Meet up with like minded people in London and the south?



 “We endeavour to bring you the best authors, speakers, and Free-thinkers of our time from around the world to speak to us. Covering exiting topics like The Spiritual Awaking, The Mayan Calendar 2012, The Science of The Soul, 911 Truth Movement, Enlightenment and many more”.

UFO. ALIENS .GHOSTS ARE Believed in more than GOD

November 27, 2008

UFOs, Aliens and Ghosts are Believed in More Than God

‘While 54 per cent of people believe in God, 58 per cent believe in the supernatural. Researchers found women were more likely to believe in the supernatural than men, and were more likely to visit a medium. Nearly a quarter of the 3,000 questioned by researchers claimed they had an encounter with the paranormal. Some 37 per cent said aliens and ghosts were the basis of their belief system.’

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Globe Cover Story on Larry Sinclair’s Obama Book
‘President-elect Barack Obama is furious over a shocking new book that claims to reveal his sex and drug secrets – and link him to a murder – political insiders say in a stunning Globe world exclusive. Find out who is blowing the whistle on America’s next commander-in-chief and why the author’s bombshells could wreck the inauguration. It’s must reading for every American!’
Obama’s Odious Entourage
‘Larry Summers, who was Clinton ‘s treasury secretary, will head the National Economic Council – the president’s senior economic adviser. This looks ominous. It was Summers who forced through the deregulation of financial markets in the 1990s and imposed disaster capitalism on Russia. Considering that he is a chief architect of the current financial meltdown, we should be wondering why Obama isn’t preparing an arrest warrant for him, instead of offering him the most powerful economic role in the world.
As chief economist for the World Bank, Summers wrote a memo saying the WB should actively encourage the dumping of toxic waste in developing countries, particularly “under-polluted countries in Africa,” since poor people in developing countries rarely live long enough to develop cancer, making him a particularly bizarre appointment for Obama. This contradiction will be interesting to watch unfold.’
Obama is a 100% fraud. I know some people don’t want to hear that because they would rather believe the myth, but ignoring reality got us into this mess and only facing the truth will get us out of it.
Obama’s Zionist At The Treasury
‘The European Central Bank is in reality essentially a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Rothschild Dynasty which, of course, also controls the Federal Reserve. The entire credit card system in Europe is managed by the ECB. No wonder then that Europe’s Visa Card chief stated that “notes and coins will be consigned to history by 2012.”
The very same goal is in store for America, of course. When cash is outlawed, the thriving underground economy predicated on cash will also vanish with it…and the controllers will have virtually everyone under total financial control. There’ll be no more working for cash under or over the table.’

Hilary Clinton ???

November 17, 2008

Hilary Clinton To Replace Condoleeza Rice

‘Hillary Clinton was being tipped last night for a top job in Barack Obama’s Cabinet as America’s next Secretary of State. The surprise move is being seen in Washington as an attempt to heal the rift in the Democratic Party caused by the hard-fought battle for the presidential nomination earlier this year. By making the former First Lady his top diplomat, the President-elect would also be rewarding his one-time rival for standing by him in his White House campaign against Republican John McCain.’

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Surprise! Organic Beekeepers Reporting Zero Losses

‘With all the frightening news over bee losses throughout the world, it appears that one tiny minor piece of information was overlooked: the losses are occurring in colonies besieged with chemicals and artificial additives. Organic bees are fairing quite nicely, thank you.’

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Sunday, 16 November 2008
Sneak’ Plan For Mandatory ID Cards

‘Ministers have been accused of trying to introduce compulsory identity cards through the back door, despite promises that people will not have to carry them. Lawyers at Liberty, the civil liberties group, say that little noticed clauses in the draft immigration and citizenship bill introduce new powers to make people produce identity documents or face arrest. The bill is expected to be in the Queen’s speech next month.’

‘I Have a Sixth Sense’ Claims Science Minister Lord Drayson

‘Lord Drayson, the science minister, claims he has a gift “like a sixth sense” that enables him to predict some events before they have happened.

Drayson first came to political attention in 2002 when it emerged that his company had been awarded a large government contract to supply vaccines, shortly after he had donated £50,000 to the Labour Party. ‘

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